Top Benefits of Composite Sports Portrait

by Robin Jonson February 15, 2019

Composite Portraits is nothing new in the photograph industry as it has been widely even in the 80s. It was a technique introduced by Herbert Spencer where in portraits of various subjects are combined using limited exposure so as to produce a subtle and more blended image. Color hues used ranges between white and gray or light blue to graying blue.

The effect of composite portraits have been widely embraced in many industries, including in sports photography. It has been used in many billboard commercials, and in so many other adds that needs a higher quality of focus, depth, and definition.

Other benefits include:

  1. It Portraits Art and Creativity – professional photographers with their passion and talent can tweak and play with composite sports photography making your portraits more alive and artistically inclined. This is beneficial especially when you are after something of variety; something that is out of the box, exciting, and never dull to the eyes.
  2. High definition portraits – by harnessing the power of readily available digital tools, photographers can easily produce high quality photos that are worth every penny spent. Using various digital tools, the photo can be enhanced into high definition, where the portrait is crisper, sharp, and perfectly styled and aligned.
  3. Various Versions – you can play so many variations when it comes to composite sports photography. For instance, you can have a photo where the athletes poses like he is throwing the ball and then at the other side of the picture, he himself is trying to catch the ball he posses as being thrown. This is the kind of variation you may get with composite sports photography. The athlete can show in the picture that he is playing ball games with himself, can appear as if he jumped really high, can appear more muscular, can have action shots with different stages of motion, or can even swap faces with his other team mates. Plus, you can clean up your photo with composite photography more smoothly. If there are any blemishes or anything you would want to add or remove with your photo, it will be easy to do so.
  4. Lighting is Exquisite – one of the aspects of composite sports photography is to create highlights and focus using lighting effect. The facial image is more highlighted to create a better focal point on the athlete, then the background or the gear used will follow.
  5. Make Adjustments Anytime – The best thing about composite sports photography is that your photographer can make subtle adjustments anytime you may want. If you do not like the color hues used, then they can simply change it to the hue you would wish to have. If you prefer a different back ground, your professional photographer may simply choose the ones you like. Skies is the limit when it comes to editing and adjustment when it comes to composite sports photography as compared to still liked pictures.

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