The Storybook Santa Experience

Where the Magic & Memories Meet

You Will Believe

As soon as you enter our Storybook Santa studio, the magical, nostalgic feeling of Christmas will overwhelm you. You'll sit back and watch your children experience the love, hope, and wonderment that Santa brings.

The Storybook Santa Experience will fill you with laughter, joy and even tears while you're here. Our hand-finished art pieces will add a timeless appeal to the Storybook Santa experience.

Call us at 281-726-1657 or 281-561-9816 to learn more about booking our one-of-a-kind experience.

Studio appointments available - 2019 DATES COMING SOON

About the Storybook Santa Experience

The Storybook Santa Experience is held each year from October through December. We offer children a chance to meet Santa Claus in a private setting, with up to one hour of one-on-one time. During your time with us, we follow a "script" that allows Santa to tell his story and allows the children to experience him like never before. We will start in his living room, where he will confirm their names on his nice list, ask them what they want for Christmas, show them the North Pole, and show them how his Magic toy bag works. Then we will move over into the workshop, where he will get their help painting toys for other children and he will share the secret of how the Reindeer help him track every child. They will take a break for cookies and milk together, and then finish up with a reading of "Twas the Night Before Christmas". Before they leave they will help him decorate his Christmas tree and say goodbye. Of course, this sequence can vary depending on the age of the children, the number of participants and any fear or anxiety they may have. Our goal is to capture as many scenes and as many natural expressions as possible.

What is included in the Experience?

  • Up to a 45 minute, private, interactive experience with Santa Claus
  • Hand finished art by our very own PPA Master Photographer
  • A one to one appointment with a slideshow of your images and ordering consultation
  • Social Media files for sharing all of your ordered images