Helpful Picture Day Info for our Parents

Dear Moms and Dads

Prior to picture day samples of the chosen set will be posted throughout the school. These samples will show what clothes and personal accessories work best. YES, that means your child is more than welcome to bring a personal item/s from home that correlates with the theme. It is also a good idea to get plenty of rest the night before. If you have any questions about what would look good please give us a call/email.

On Picture Day we typically try and take up to four images of your child. Some of those images will be zoomed out (full body) and others will be zoomed in. Please let your child's teacher now of any special instructions. Sibling images can be arranged as long as you have signed your children up. Sign up sheets are typically found at the front desk or office.

Our goal is that Ordering is as easy as picture day. Meaning the following week after picture day we will provide you a proof strip of image to take home to review along with instructions on how to order. This way you are not made to feel pressured to buy. If for some reason you do not order within the ordering time frame do not worry. Images are archived for future orders.

Speaking of orders, we would ask that you make every attempt to complete your order form and return it by the deadline given. By doing so orders can be processed and returned by the quoted time.

While we won't refuse late orders we can not guarantee an immediate turn around. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us directly.

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