award winning Photography

Certified Professional photographer, cpp.

Photographic craftsmen, cR photog.

active member of the PPA, TPPA, BVPPA

We are a locally owned and operated...meaning you always work directly with us. Nothing against companies with employees but we feel they do not have a stake in the game. Who better to represent your business than the owners themselves.  With over 12 years of experience. Sock Monkey specializes in Volume photography. Robin and Jennifer have come a long way from parents with a camera to award winning photographers. They are asked to speak all over the country sharing their knowledge and have earned the Distinction of Certified Professional Photography, CPP and Photographic Craftsman, Cr Photog, and TPPA Associate Fellowship.  Want does all of that mean to you? Well it means we are continually striving to better ourselves through education, fellowship, and industry trends. All of which benefits our customers. 

Picture Day... be it for a school, sporting event, or dance recital may be viewed as a major hassle but that is where the Sock Monkey Team comes to the rescue. We have the knowledge and experience to successfully manage the day. Beyond that experience we have the passion to capture high quality images and real life expressions. As parents we have the patience to relate to children and the compassion to treat each child with care. Our goal is to make picture day a fun and memorable experience for the kids and hassle free for the adults. The SockMonkey Team has the flexibility and desire to work with each and every event co-ordinator and tailor a picture day to suit your needs. 

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