5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Senior Photographer

by Robin Jonson February 25, 2019

You have toiled away over the last 11 years at school and it has finally arrived, it’s YOUR SENIOR year! While you still have classes to complete before graduation, this is a year of fun celebrations, last time memories and full of nervous excitement as your plan for college becomes clear. It is natural to have mixed emotions at times. Live in the moment, set your nerves for the future aside and soak up the joy. Relish in the success. Nurture those friendships that you will treasure for the rest of your life–seriously.

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Senior Photographer:
A senior portrait session is one of the most quintessential senior celebrations. Your senior portraits are a visual of your success, your accomplishments and where you can show-off all of the beauty of YOUR senior year. Houston has a wide variety of senior photographers to choose from, so that begs the question, “How do we choose?”

Number 1 — Seek A Photographer With Experience
Number 2 — Find a Photographer Who Listens to You
Number 3 — Decide if Professional Hair & Makeup is Right for YOU and if the Photographer Provides/Requires it.
Number 4 — See And Touch Prints And Products
Number 5 — Is your Potential Photographer a True Professional?

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